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Last week we (Kyle and Ben) spent some time visiting a local company that we think do great work for dogs in our local community. The company in question, Barka Lounge, Foulridge.

Barka Lounge

First thoughts, what a great location, down by the canal, surrounded by beautiful countryside, a great place for dogs to enjoy long walks and country air. We met with Jill, the owner, to discus what they do and how we might be able to work together and ensure that we both run companies that base what they do around a shared love of dogs. Jill was great and extremely knowledgeable, we learnt loads about local suppliers and even a thing or two about dogs and in particular the way they perceive colour!

One of the main things we will take away from the meeting though is the information about some of the fantastic small, independent brands that are right on our doorstep. We got some great advice about nutrition and dog food brands that care about what they sell as well as information about vets and dog behaviour specialists. We knew that we lived and worked in an area full of great people and especially dog lovers, but we didn’t know how many of these dog lovers had made the step in to business and had turned their passion in to product!

Jill is one such example and her business speaks volumes. Barka Lounge is a well thought out concept, which is based on the American idea of doggie daycare. We aren’t all lucky enough to be able to take our dogs to work with us and not all dogs react well to being left home alone. Doggie daycare is a brilliant way around this, simply drop your dog of at a location like Jill’s and be sure that they can play all day and learn as part of a socialised group. This is the perfect way to combat behaviour issues and anxiety by providing companionship and interaction with lots of different dogs.

We loved the idea and we loved the branding which sits under the strapline – where hip hounds hang – modern, forward thinking and caring, just like us, or we like to think so!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to hang with us Jill we had a great time.

We will continue to support local businesses and expand our knowledge base by visiting as many companies that re on the same length as ourselves. Follow this blog for more days out with the Puppy Essentials team.

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