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Dogs require tremendous amounts of care and attention, whether it be attending to their complicated coat or ensuring that they get the required amount of exercise. Dogs take up time, money and a huge amount of love. They are a big commitment but the rewards associated with ownership are endless!

This section of Puppy Hub has been carefully written by our team of in house experts in order to advise and help anyone who is contemplating the idea of bringing a new dog in to their home. Our aim is to kit you out with all of the information that you require from research to reality and on. Everything you need from suitability quizzes, which breed is right for you and where to find and purchase your perfect puppy.

We are constantly adding new sections to the website but if you can’t wait and need answers to questions now please feel free to post on our forum.

Finding a Puppy Breeder

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What is a Dog?

Everything you need to know

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Are you ready for a Dog?

1. Are you financially prepared?

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2. What are your working hours?

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3. Are you expecting any changes in your routine?

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4. Have you recently lost a pet?

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5. Do you have any health concerns?

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6. Have you fully discussed getting a dog?

Quiz Image 6

7. Have you got any other pets?

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This quiz has been created to give you hints and tips to make you think about whether you are ready to get a dog. Click the link below to take the full quiz.

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